Wednesday, August 5, 2009

News for Parrots: as it happens, when it happens whether you want it or not

Apparently the question this week is, "What do I like about newsreaders and R.S.S (that's Really Simple Syndication for any parrots out there still on the perch)". Other than Michael Palin's sideboards - not much. Being bombarded with non-stop information however swift and free of advertisment is exhausting and in my view not particularly enlightening. Too much information, too little opportunity to engage especially given the tyranny of a workroom roster that allows your average, "customer services officer" labouring away in library-land during a busy weekend a meagre one slot a day for off-desk activity. Much as I'd like, when am I supposed to clear my already overloaded in-box and process this relentless deluge of web excitement for use in the workplace exactly? On the job there is no real investment in the need to critically reflect. At the moment an occasional reviewing journal or two and the most recent copy of The Listener over a hurried cup of afternoon tea is the best I can manage in an effort to stay in the loop, be informed and maintain an acceptable level of professional reading.

So give us a break. No more RSS feeding eh, just time to digest.

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